Cypromus, Inc. is a software company. We focus on intelligent security products for luxury yachts. Based in Bodrum, Turkey, and with an office in Seattle, Washington USA, Cypromus is the first company to build an intelligent security system that is compatible with your current system.


Who We Are

Cypromus developed the Cyp Box and Secure Service Portal to fit the needs of all crew and guests on board. Our state–of-the-art system is the first-ever voice recognition in both English and Turkish.

The Cyp Box was designed and developed by a team of talented designers, engineers, crime experts, and yacht captains. Our software engineers have a combined 40 years of development experience.

Our Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder is a former criminologist and professor, with a passion for technology and innovation. As the CEO of Cypromus, her vision is to create a product that will revolutionize the security industry.

Our Chief Engineer and Co-Founder is an expert technologist. He has spent three decades solving complex technology problems for major companies and has earned many key patents and provided world-class solutions to everyday technology problems.

Our Managing Engineer is a fluent-Turkish-speaker and has a background in software development and project management for twenty years with many projects under his belt.

Our Services

Product Description

Cypromus developed the Cyp Box and service portal to fit any size yacht. Cypromus is the only security product that can interact and respond to your voice commands in English and Turkish. Cypromus is the only security company to provide customers with a service portal that is user-friendly for immediate customizable upgrades, administrative changes, and programming. Each box comes with the latest Cyp Software, modifiable hardware, lithium ion battery (4000 mAh), and AC Adapter/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth. Cypromus technology is cutting edge, affordable, energy efficient, and data–secured. For more information Email us at

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USA Phone: +1 425 633 0123

Turkey Phone: +90 546 478 79 46